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First, spend some time in our project section and look through the photos .  Get a feel for whether you lean towards log or timber frame - or a mix?   Think about a visit to Tennessee to see our operations and some homes. Then, call us at:

1-(740) 453-6542.

.  Use the plans section and then call us for a design interview.

All situations are different, but a very rough rule of thumb is to start designing a custom home about a year in advance of the start of construction.  Of course, we can move much more quickly than that (particularly with a standard plan) - and some projects take even more than a year of planning and design work.

EARLY AND EXTENSIVE DESIGN AND PLANNING WILL DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE THE ENTIRE PROCESS.  Call us and our project managers will help guide you through the process.

Once design is finished and a Purchase Agreement is signed, final planning for your home is completed.  Your home will be crafted in Dandridge, transported to your site, and erected by one of our trained crews - or by your crew and our on-site technical assistance.  After the heavy timber and panels are erected (on the foundation that your builder has already installed) your builder takes over and finishes the home.

Find the home that is most appealing to you from a “look and feel” perspective.  Don't get too hung up on the particular floor plan that is presented; try to find the home that most appeals to you visually.

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You can always visit our Q&A section for more infomation....