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The Package . . .

Logwork from home to home may vary, depending upon the requirements of the homeowner.

Our basic package includes:

  • All logwork for Log Walls.
  • Door and Window cut outs, keyways, and layback details.
  • Slip joint cut for interior walls.
  • Insulation gasket between logs.
  • All bolts, screws and fasteners for logwork.
  • Log floor joist and girder system for the second floor.
  • Post and beam logwork for the second floor.
  • Post and beam roof system to include ridge and purlins.
  • Timber trusses as design dictates.
  • Post, beams and rafters for exterior porches.
  • Borate Treatment on all logs
  • Nationwide installation on your foundation and subfloor

All log walls in the basic package are full-scribed, hand peeled, eastern white pine and range from 12” to 22” in diameter. All log walls are notched, precut and pre-drilled with log lengths up to 40’.

NOTE: The second floor, porch and roof timber sizing will be dictated by final engineering. The timbers can be round, square or a combination of round and square. They can be hand peeled, hand hewn or weatheraged. More complete packages are available.

Please consult your Hearthstone Project Manger for specific information, details, and pricing.


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